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I am about to work

hello,nice to know you.I am a teacher,and today I have to work.Although I want to have a rest,I must work.



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    I am about to go to work!

    Hello!__Nice to meet you.__I am a teacher,_and today I have to go to work.__Although I want to have a rest,_I must work today.


    Comments:  What do you teach?  The above text is more how I would say it, with the exception of "have a rest", which I am not sure how to exactly translate from Chinese because you guys seem to use 休息 for the opposite of work, and often translate it as "have a rest," but this isn't what a native speaker of English would say.  We would say things like:

    - I wish I had today off.

    - I wish I didn't have to work today.

    - I don't want to go to work today!


    I used "wish" in the examples, which I know is also tricky for a lot of Chinese speakers because 希望 is used for both "wish" and "hope", so often it gets translated into the wrong one and consequently (perhaps) the two English words are misunderstood by Chinese speakers, so really briefly:

    - "wish" is for when you don't have something--it sounds like it's for something that might not even happen, but you want it, but maybe it can't happen.

    - "hope" sounds more like you expect it to happen, you want something and you think it can happen.


    I hope you find this all useful, and I wish you the best!

    I am about to work

    hello,nice to know you.I am a teacher,and today I have to work.Although I want to have a rest,I must work.


    Here, "I have to work" is ok - it specifies 我得工作. As the other commenter mentioned, you can also say "I have to go to work" - this emphasizes 我得去工作

    In the second sentence, you could say "Although I want to [stay home] I must [go to] work." There are many ways to say this.


    I am about to work

    Hello, nice to know you.  I am a teacher, and today I have to go work. Although I want to I would rather take a rest but I have to go (to work).


    I could say the same for myself everyday, but I am not a teacher.  Just correcting to make it sound more natural.  You could have said "Today I have to go to work although I would rather (take a) rest."  Today could also come at the end of the sentence instead of the beginning.  Although connects the two statements, so to say you are obligated to work again just becomes redundant.  There are many ways to say the same thing.  Or if you'd like a saying, "There are many ways to skin a cat".  An unusal saying, but one worth remembering!

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