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Dear sir or madam,
I chose the specialty “Informatics, Computer Science” because I believe that I can achieve great results in this sphere. Computer Science is very important and necessary nowadays, that’s why understanding this science is part of the necessary skill set for an educated person in this century. Computing technology is part of everything that touches our lives; from devices which we use, to the movie which we watch. I'm interested in the development of computing, because I think, that it will provide a foundational knowledge of problem solving in any part of our lives.
I’d like to have a chance to study a semester abroad because I want to learn more about Computing Systems. As I am a communicate person I have developed strong editing skills and attention to detail. I think that international experience is very crucial for getting a quality education. I am confident that I can be an active, open minded and useful member. I am very excited at the opportunity to grow in a supportive intellectual environment where I can study in an international environment.
Besides studying I take part in social life of the university. Also I spend a lot of time on self-education, reading books, drawing. My experience also includes working as a seller in a small independent bookstore. Because of the small size of this business, I have been participated advertising and marketing. I also assisted with the development of ideas for special promotional events.
I hope that aforesaid shows my ability, targets and results that I set ahead myself.




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