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About Discrimination

Everywhere has discrimination

People discriminate just because your looking, skin color, countries, how you talking, different religions.

Let's talk about Taiwan, as you know Taipei city is capital of Taiwan. Most of rich people live there, of course each flat or apartment is expensive in some great locations. You can say that, yes, the intelligent, professional, or who has highest educated and who worths over a million, most of them live in Taiwan. I'd like to say 99% of them live Taipei.

So you know that they are the rich people of Taiwan, the rich area of Taiwan, they get everything they want, and everything they need. They look down other people who is not growing up in Taipei city. They think they are the most stylish in Taiwan, and yes, that's truth. They think who speak Taiwan dialects are low class, working class, uneducated, rude, and poor. However, they think they are the best people in Taiwan, they are cocky and look down to each person who is not from Taipei. Most of them are Mainlanders, they look down Taiwanese. Nationalist Party are all Mainlanders and Democratic Progressive Party are all Taiwanese, the prisident of Taiwan is from Nationalist Part by the way.

Let's go back to the topic, in the first paragraph, school books say discrimination is about skin color, race, ethnicity. Now, I do not know what I'm going to say because we live in a small island country, Taiwan. We got so many problems already, I cannot think that how many trouble do you have in everyone's country. We got looked down by those people think they are noble, we do not get much attention by government because we are not Mainlanders, we are not a noble person as them. We got marked because we speak Taiwan dialects, now we got discriminated. And they treat us good only when they want to get our vote, some fools think they are going to be good to us! No, you are totally wrong, they still treat you as a trash after they get what they want. I want to say that, Eyyy! Wake up Taiwanese!

I'm not going to tell you that Taiwan is so sad country, I know this problem is happening in everywhere. But how? How could we change it? I do not know, I really do not know, I am pessimistic to look in this problem.




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