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I know myself better:)

I thought to myself, “Unbelievable” and smiled as I read this quote. This quote is everything I am and every action I take. In life I will be an actor - not a practical choice, many people may say. Although acting was not always my first choice of a career in life, I was a very outgoing and confident individual. I did not even have the idea; a teacher suggested to me that I should pursue acting. At that point in life I looked at myself and realized that it all made sense - I loved to be in the spotlight and view myself as an outgoing person. I feel this is especially true for two reasons, the first being you can’t control who you are and the second is just the simple fact that it is human nature to act as yourself. Everything someone does in their life is like a domino effect. A little kid plays doctor then realizes he or she loves helping people whereas another kid joins a school play and realizes that they like to act. In life one will do a particular event and realize they have a passion for it in life and will go for that career. People do things that they feel comfortable with if it’s not them then they’ll know that job choice isn’t for them. I am a firm believer that things will fall in place only if you prepare yourself for what is going happen. Everybody wants to be that “cool” or “popular” person in life, but little moments show who you really are in real life. Say for instance, you and some work friends go out and one of your friends sings karaoke very well. They may have wanted to become a singer. They were just out with friends and didn’t even realize a little part of their true being was showing. Also someone has to let yourself be subject to change or you are not going to find the real you. “Everything thing you do is a result of what you are” is a quote that will now play on in my head forever and ever. The quote is true and speaks to everyone that reads it. I believe it is important to go out and search for yourself if one has certain qualities then they need to see how those transfer into a career. Anyone can find their true being you just have to try.




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