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Student life Again

Hello every one.

Although it's very busy recently, I can make some free time, so I write a diary now.

Now, I'm spending the student life of the second times in my life at the 37 years old.
Because I want to be a care worker, so I began to study about the welfare for the aged and the handicapped in the vocational school.
There is a lot of study and test such as a "the ethics and the ideology for the care workers", "How to communicate with them" and so on.
I really busy, but I really live a full life now.

I hope, I will be a good care worker for people who have a lot of problem about an agining or a disability.

2013/03/01 Friday 22:52 koji.
from my house.




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    Student Life Again

    Hello everyone,

    Although it's been very busy recently, I finally have some free time to write in my notebook.

    For the second time in my life, and at the age of 37, I'm reliving the student life. The reason that I'm a student again is that I want to be a social worker.


    I began studying the welfare of the elderly and disabled at the vocational school. There are many topics of study, such as "the ethics and the ideology of social workers", "How to communicate with them" and so on.

    I am really busy now, but I feel very content with my life.

    I hope, I will become a good social worker for the elderly and disabled who face many difficulties.

    2013/03/01 Friday 22:52 koji.
    from my house.

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