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German-Korean girl in Korea :D ( funny stories as German .x.x )

As I wrote before, my aunt got married to German in Stuttgart years ago . And they have a really beautiful girl so whenever they visit Korea , their daughter always get attention from Koreans.

One day, I went to the library with her to write letters to her German friends .When we walked into the library , some of them stopped reading and glared at her xD and she replied them with smiling X)

Whenever she visits Korea, she attends actor's academy in Seoul and the manager says why don't she really be an actress here but she refused because her main interest is a horse riding !

When she talks German with her father at the park , hotel or even at the subway station. people become very very quiet ...

On the bus , Koreans yeild their seats for her :P

And my friends or anyone who see her says 'you are so cute !!!!!!! ' ' I want to get married foreigner and have a cute baby !! '

Hmmm Think I have more stories but I havent seen her like 2 year ...... but well these are true stories lolol ..(I know it is so weird xD )

Ah but dont think all Germans or other foreigners treated like her...because I know her father never get attentions ! lol xD




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