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Some like to drink water. Others like to drink tea. Still others like to drink beer.
The fourth like to drink that the stronger.
They do not realize that there is nothing in this world more beautiful flower nectar of the flower ...
Only butterfly knows about this is the wonderful drink.
From morning till dusk, she flies in the meadows and fields.
She collects the delicious honey, she flying daily to ten kilometers.
Where are the power in such a small and the fragile creatures?
The secret of butterfly lies in the very magical nectar found in the cups of flowers. It is believed that
the finest nectar is in yellow and blue colors. It is these flowers butterfly loves most. Just the aroma
of this nectar fills her strength and joy to the day.
And when, after a happy and full of joy of the day, in dusk, the butterfly see in bloom at night.
She sees as the petals slowly collapsed on her, and close a starry sky.
Butterfly thinks that the stars are small bright flowers, too, and they grow on a blue sky.
Only they do not bloom during the day, and they are bloom at night.




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