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A Short Story: Adam and the fortune-teller

Hello. This is another short story in which I focus on the English tenses. This time I include some future events as well.

He entered the small room through the back door of a pet shop. The strong smell of the animals was replaced by an even stronger smell of smoke and other fumes. He had never been to a fortune-teller before, but this place was exactly how he had always pictured it. There were strange symbols and paintings on the wall, lit only by the the flickering light of a few candles. One of the shifting shadows on the wall belonged to the old woman at the small table in the middle of the room. She had long grey hair and a crooked nose.
The man hesitated for moment but then started to speak, "Hello. A friend of mine has told me about you. My name is -",
"- Adam.", she interrupted him in a hoarse voice, and added "Sit down. I have been expecting you." She was not looking at him when he sat down across the table. Her eyes were fixed on a crystal ball that seemed to be hovering a few inches over the table. There was a period of silence. Adam was mesmerized by the sensations surrounding him. The smell of the fumes and the dancing shadows on the wall. The muffled sound of birds coming from outside.
"You are going to die.", said the woman abrubtly. "Yes. The doctors have given me two, maybe three weeks to live.", he said, "I just want to know that my daughter will be ok. She means everything to me." The old woman looked up and examined his eyes. There was no fear in them, only love.
"I will tell you the story of your daughter." She looked back at the crystal and started moving her hands around it. "Your daughter is 8 years old now. The loss of her only remaining parent will be hard on her at first. She will have been living in an orphanage for two years by the time she meets her new family and she starts to get better. They will love her as much as you do now."
The crystal ball was filled with strange lights and shades when she continued, "By the time she has to leave this world, she will have led a happy, fulfilled life that includes three children: Susan, Adam and Ted."
Two weeks later, Adam died in a hospital bed. His last thought was a good one.




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