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The new italki. My personal pros and contras

I know many people already write notebook entries since yesterday about the new italki layout but I just wanted to make a list of something I now like and much I dislike as well as some kind of a feedback for italki.


- Notebook entries can now have up to 2500 letters instead of 2000.
- Everything is bigger and so more user friendly. Especially the pictures of the members. Now my Cartman is much more fat then he ever was lol.
- It is more easy now to switch between language updates of other users.


- The voice recording for notebook entries is still just 1 minute long. I wrote an E-Mail to italki months ago to extend it to at least 5 minutes but I never have received an answer.
- The birthday list is now missing! I do not know anymore who is having birthday soon. And so one of my main activities to send nice birthday greetings to all active users which are in my friend list is now impossible. Why italki scratched this? Many users where so happy when I send them birthday greetings and it is a nice act of friendship too.
- I cannot see anymore when another user was active the last time. There is no timer anymore telling me for example "This user was online the last time 2 days ago" or so.
- The language updates setting on my account is always on korean although my main language is chinese. I always have to reset it. Unfortunately the change does not change the list "meet new friends" or teachers which is always unchangeable on korean now.
- I can get an activity list of all my notebook entries I wrote but I do not get a list of all the other things I did on italki anymore! I cannot see to which notebook entry I replied, on which notebook entry I made corrections etc. So it is impossible to respond to other users comments who answered my comments on others notebook entries and therefore I cannot be up to date anymore.
- It seems italki has made us all older. Strangely I'm now 24 instead of 23. I also saw this on Nourhan from Egypt. I have send her a birthday greeting yesterday. I guess she didn't had birthday at all. Italki just made us all one year older.

So many changes and so many negative points beside the few positive facts. I just hope they repaired the blocking function and it is now worth it's name. I wrote so many messages to italki about this. But why italki scratched all the other old functions which is now a big problem? I cannot be up to date anymore and do not know what is going on. I'm sorry italki but this is a total mess.




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    Hi Guys!


    My name is Sam, i'm community manager and support staff at italki.

    We apologize if we haven't been able to respond individually to all of you. We get over 350 support requests per day. We do our best to read all of them and take what you're saying into consideration.


    We apologize for any inconvenience the new changes have caused.


    Please be patient and bare with us, we're taking all of your feedback on board and the new version of the site is very transitional, so new features will be coming and going on a very constant basis.


    If you have a bug to report, we are currently running a contest on facebook.


    The two users who report the most bugs via facebook in the next 72 hours will earn $20usd of ITC.


    If you would like to discuss the matter in depth, my email is  or you can message me through italki.

    We hope this helps and we appreciate your patience and continued support.




    Sam Bleakly

    italki Community Manager

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