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Sharing (just for practice)

If you asked me, how to get happiness? I would say, by sharing. And the following is just what I want to share with you now.

We all have the times when we feel pleasure or sorrow. Do you know our feelings are various energy? They are not good or bad, they are just different evergy.
Relatively speaking, pleasure is a high-frequency energy, which means light, flowing. And that's why we say "with a light heart" when we feel happy. Sorrow is a low-frequency energy, which means heavy, blocking. And that's why we say "with a heavy heart" when we feel sad.

In brief, the more higher energy we have, the more happier we feel,

We need a varied life to experience different things and get different feelings for spiritual growth.

When it comes to spiritual growth, it means trust, understanding, sympathy, unconditional giving and receiving...

To achieve all of this, we should learn to share.

When you share pleasure with another one, you lighten the other's heart, which means two light hearts, more light-energy, more happy. When you share sorrow, you give blocking energy a way out. However, the understanding heart and recipient mind can transform heaving energy into light energy. See,energy is blowing through sharing. What a miracle!

Sharing is a path which can lead us to the most joyful moment and the greatest happiness.





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