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The most useful invention (just for practice)

Speaking of the most useful invention in the long history of mankind, I can not think of anything that could compare with internet ---- interconnection network ,which works based on computers.

In my opinion, most useful means most quickly to get the information you want, and that is just what internet can provide you.

I don't want to say what a big role the Internet plays in the development of human civilization. I want to say, now, I can live without TV, radio, phone, car…, but it seems that it is hard for me to live without internet.

Internet greatly shortened the distance between the people in the world. Sitting in front of the computer at home, , you can communicate with the people who are on the other side of the earth. Isn’t that amazing?

In any case, I have to say the Internet is the most useful invention , because it helps us to achieve the greatest degree of One World, One Dream.





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