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How Can I tell The Diffrence Between These Three D:


진짜, 정말, 그래요.
I heard that 정말 Is Like "Your Speaking That correctly" or "You Are Telling That Correctly" and 진짜 Is Like Its REALLY Or it is true; and 그래요 Is Like 진짜 and 정말 But Together and formal :v am i correct or can i use 잔짜요 or 정말요 which mean diffrent thing than 그래요 completly..
PLEASE TELL ME IF I AM RIGHT ABOUT THIS OR WHAT IS THE DIFFRENCE :"( i am very hesitant now to use these three words/ phrases!




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    진짜 = I use this to say like "ah, really?" "oh seriously?" and more when it's a surprise. Also it's a casual way.

    그래요 = '그래요?' '네, 그래요' (Is that right? Yes, that's right) Kind of like a serious clarification. It's more "that's right"/"is that right?" than "really?" I use this when I want to be more respectful. ^^

    정말 is practically the same as 진짜's common and should be uesd around friends. Do seriously say really really really? So you want to put heaps of emphasis, say 진짜, 정말?

    I also use 정말 to say very and truly in a sentence. I don't use 진짜 in a sentence much, it's more of an expression...

    저는 정말 좋아해요.

    I like 정말 because it's like saying really/a lot... 아주 and 너무 also mean a lot but 아주 isn't used as much and is a bit more polite and 너무 has a negative connotation, like TOO much, overly etc, not just "a lot".




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