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Video for my workshop

Friend of italki:

I must do a workshop this week in my classroom and I chose the following video to explain to my classmates:

It is funny but I notice that I cannot understand all sentences that she says, could you help me please?

I think that I understand:

1. "I want a man"
2. "Who is really really good-looking"
3. ____________________________
4. "Who ___ like really hilarious sense of humor"
5. "But he can be like really really serious when I say"
6. __________________ job, maybe interesting"
7. "But he should be motivated by money, at all"
8. "And he should be really spontaneous when it come to presents"
9. "__________ maybe stuff that I like wanted _________"
10. _________________________
11. "But really really gentle"
12. "and ______________ a quite large p......"
13. "He shouldn't feel that he has all of them, all of the time"
14. "He's got to be able to fly"

Thanks a lot !!




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