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'Carpe diem' or analitycal mind?


Which philosophy of life is more adapted to modern times?
It's not a trivial task, but I'll try to collate both sides.

Being dreamer gives much joy than usual thinking. We aren't forced to think about tomorrow or things which can happen in the near future. This philosophy can be perceived like a cage which protects us from all remorse or weaknesses from the past. In some extent, that would be a life without any plan. On the other hand, all occurrences can't be destructive for mind.

Being well-planned all the time has also own advantages. There's no chance that we forget about something or any part of life won't go in accordance to the plan. What's more, every problem will be solved regardless of time or attempts. This thinking could also a little deceptive. We can overprotect ourselves and make difficult to explore the inside. Also people with this philosophy have a prejudice to take too many problems at the same time.

So, what's the answer? Honestly, there's no answer. The perfect solution is an equilibrium between both behaviours. That's the only way which insures us a harmony and calmness in a life.




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