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Question Words in TAGALOG - translated to ENGLISH

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Tagalog Question Word English Equivalent Example: TAGALOG(ENGLISH TRANSLATION)
Ano? - What? Ano ang pangalan mo?(What is your name?)

Alin? - Which? Alin ang gusto mong pagkain?(Which food do you like?)

Sino? - Who? Sino po kayo?/Sino ka? (Who are you?)

Saan? - Where? Saan po kayo pupunta? (Where are you going?)

Bakit? - Why? Bakit mo kami iniwan?(Why did you leave us?)

Kailan? - When? Kailan po kayo aalis? (When are you leave?)

Paano?/Papaano? - How? Paano ka nakarating dito? (How did you get here?)

Nasaan? - Where? Nasaan ang bahay mo? (Where is your house?)
* (to look for something/somebody)




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