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谷 (たに〕 valley

崖 (がけ) cliff

演奏者 (えんそうしゃ)performer, player

劇団  〔げきだん) theatrical company

オペラ座の怪人 (おぺらざのかいじん)- the Phantom of the Opera

台詞 (せりふ) words, lines

熱気球 (ねつききゅう) hot-air balloon

操縦士 (そうじゅうし) pilot

火傷 (やけど) burn

わし - eagle

実 (み) fruit

狙う (ねらう) to aim at

呪い (のろい)curse, spell

はずれ end, verge, extremity

てっぺん top, summit

ちょうじょう peak

もぐ to pluck (from a tree), to pick

えぐる to gouge

救い出す (すくいだす)to rescue, to free

おふれ public announcement

つるつる slippery, smooth

滑る (すべる) to slide, to slip

最期 (さいご)one's last momenth, time of death

豆 (まめ) beans

カラカラ parched, dried-up

転がる (ころがる) to fall over, to roll over

ネイルアート nail art

若者 (わかもの) young man

ふもと the base of a mountain

山猫 (やまねこ) wildcat, lynx

爪 (つめ) nail, claw, talon

食う (くう) to bire

沈む (しずむ) to sink

もくもく silent

防ぐ (ふせぐ) to prevent, to protect

かすむ to get blurry

くらむ to be dizzied by

ときおり = ときどき

やがて finally, in the end / before long

またたく to twinkle



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    てっぺん top, summit

    ちょうじょう peak     (We sometimes use てっぺん and 頂上 as the same meaning.)

    もぐ to pluck (from a tree), to pick  (We also say もぎとる.) 

    おふれ public announcement  

    (Nowadays we don't use おふれ so often, we say 公告[こうこく]、告示[こくじ])

    *advertisement  広告[こうこく]

    若者 (わかもの) young man (young people, it includes femail.) 

    食う (くう) to bire  

    (Sorry, I don't know the word "bire". 食う means eat, but this word sounds a bit rough.)

    もくもく silent

    (We also use it saying like "smoke is pouring out" though the meaning is defferent. )


    Hi Magdalena,

    Your note is useful for me to study English, thank you! 

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