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¿Did He really die?

On Tuesday at 5:30 pm, I was on the bus and suddenly I received a sms “He died”, quickly I saw a man front of me watching to the Vice-president in his phone and quickly asked him “Sir, is Chavez died? Is it true?” and he replied “Yes”.
It was a moment so unreal, because Chavez was a man so strong that is not easy to think he is died now. I got home at 6:00 pm and when I watched news, I was shocked really. The country was paralyzed, the phones lines were jammed, it was a moment hard.

“I love you Chavez, Thanks Chavez, the fight go on Chavez, your spirit is with us” all are words from people, who have been crying as if Chavez was a parent, a close friend. However, in the facebook I see people who have a big smile, are happy because Chavez is died.

There are people who believe that Chavez’s death is the beginning of a change to progress when the real problem is cultural, until people don’t understand that we do change each of us, until people are individualistic, until the disruption persists, until we increase the productivity at work, until people do not understand that progress comes from the conscience of the public, Venezuela will go on with its same tragedies, with this, I am not confident saying that Chavez did not have mistakes, but the responsibility also rests with citizens.

Now, Did he really died?, not, He is live in the face of people, on the streets, in the “Plaza Bolívar” of each state, people cry, people sign his fight’song. Chavez was a charismatic leader, that touched the hearts of many people, that is a reality.
Right now, many people, men, women, childrens goes to the funeral, to see him one last time, the row is long, almost 7 kilometers.

Here in Venezuela, people say: Chavez is died but he became a legend.




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