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Woman's day

Today, 8 March in Russia is woman's day. Also it called holiday of spring. Woman's day is legal holiday so today in Russia's day off. The flowers're traditional gift and in this days to sell about 70% from yearly sale. The guys try to cook ;-) and more attend their womans. How does woman's day celebrate in other countries?




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    Women's day

    Today, 8 March, is International Women's Day in Russia, where it's also considered a spring festival. International Woman's Day is an official holiday, so today eveyone in Russia's has the day off. Flowers are the traditional gift and the flowers sold on this day account for about 70% of yearly sales. Guys try to cook ;-) and do other special things for the women in their lives. How is IWD celebrated in other countries?


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    International Women's Day

    Today, March 8th March, is International Women's Day in Russia, and all over the world is woman's day. In Russia, Also it's also called a celebration of springtime. the holiday of spring. International Women's Day Woman's day is a legal holiday in Russia, so we have off from work today.  so today in Russia's day off. The Flowers re' are a traditional gift, and  in this days to sell about 70% of their annual sales take place during this period. from yearly sale. The guys Men try to cook ;-) and to pay more attention to more attend the women in their lives womans. How is International Women's Day does woman's day celebrated in other countries?

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