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this is an attempt of self introduction

or introduction of my reasons for studying chinese.
and no, i don't speak any chinese for now :D in fact, i am so fresh and inexperienced and silly, that the only thing i know is xiexie (is it even spelled like that? er.."thank you"?)
oh well, everyone has to start somewhere, right?
the question is, however, where do i start?

if you're still with me up until this point..whoah, thanks, and well..any advice? :3

back to chinese and my reasons...i am currently planning on studying it at university, actually. next year. so i thought, why not try to learn some by myself? after all, knowing something beforehand will also make some things easier in the future.
but once again, where to start? pinyin? when people start learning han characters? i have visual memory, rather than learning by listening, so seeing things while learning is really important to me..any advise?




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