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My Mix tape

When I was about 15 years old, I made a mix tape of my favorite songs at my friend-Susan's home, her father works at a film making company, there are a lot of professional devices at her home such as Rear projection TV, LD player, and other cool devices I could not call their names. I used to give her a kitty who was born by my mother cat, her family and she like this little creature so much. Her father took many great pictures for the cat, he captured the incredible moment of the cat. One day, We three friends (Susan, Alice and I) spent a wonderful and great day at Susan's home. It was the first time we went to her home before I told her that I liked a boy in my class, then I told her my plan about a mix tape. I intended to give him this tape as a birthday gift. Although my friends don't like this boy, they still would like to help me fuifill my plan. Finally, in a sunny Sunday, we gathered at Susan's home, not only did we make a great tape, but also we watched Romeo and Juliet in her personal cinema, the boy who has not been into me no matter how great the mix tape is and how lovely I used to be.




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