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I debt each girl has a Rapunzel dream, waiting for her Mr. Right to save her from the evil witch and lead a happy life eventually.

The prince, or acutely, the knight is wearing glittering armor and helmet with a silver sharp sword and firm shield. He comes to the front of this tall tower, riding a white fine horse. He is brave and determined enough to make a life-and-death struggle with a fired dragon.

This is definitely representative of the Middle Ages’s Romance, knight or terminologically chivalry. We can safely claim the Middle Ages was also the great of chivalry. First staged on the history in A.D. 1224, titled as the imperial army by Emperor Charles, these crowds quickly set their irreplaceable role in the Dark Age. They can be defined as a kind of military congress, rather like self-sufficient and self-employed troops directly going all out to serve the emperor. Obviously, knights rank a high position in defending the territory, they consequently were or even had to be rewarded with a handsome’ salary ‘and more respected status.

However, because their boss is a non-educated man, they acted like every barbarian before with an endless blood lust and tasted for fortune and fame. They like to take adventures in a more straightforward way by killing so does the knight described in the romance books. Of course, their irresponsible behaviors incurred many complaints not only from the ordinary but also ome landlords and nobles and especially, the heaven side. They appealed to the king to deal with this issue as quick as possible. The king apparently not wanted to put blame on his faithful employees and naturally left the nut to cathedral. Ministers squabbled their minds and finally they coin the term—chivalry , in other words, codes of regularizing a knight. The codes to some degree constrained knights and positively directed them onto more like a gentle man way. But, we should be fully aware that knights were always knights, they could not and never become a fully gentle man for they could not change the fact that they were not born in blue blood.

Chivalry or knights, they are sometimes fictitious characters shaped in perfect by authors. No matter what and how, we must be aware that they had been a past and disappeared in the dust of history.



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