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Hi friends,
I'm preparing a brochure for a company. would you please revise it for me and tell me if I can improve it?
tnx & best.

provides the following functionalities:

Switch between cameras and sources.
Fast favorite action recall.
Numerical action recall.
Action stop/continue control.
Auto chroma key.
Chroma key matte/composite control.
Four chroma key parameters adjustment control knob.
Camera Pan/Tilt/Roll control via 3 axis joystick.
Camera Focus/Iris control via two independent jog/shuttle.
Camera X/Y/Z position control via precise 50mm optical trackball.
Camera X/Y/Z position control via PS/2 optical mouse.
Control zoom In/Out by precise zoom rocker(zoom seesaw).
Adjust camera change speed (Lens/Position) by two slider.
Lock/unlock adjust equipments. between cameras and sources between cameras and sources

Read video switcher GVG100 and Tally output.
External video sync input.
USB/Serial(rs232-rs485) connection.




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