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One of my dreams

I will tell you one of my dreams, having nearly twenty years ego and very funny . When I had it , I was around twenty . Anyway, I stopped working as usual time one day and then I met a very beautiful girl in the dream. Although I found her unbeliaveable beautiful , I did not have any idea about her appearence . Not knowing anything about her apperance might seem a bit weird . But this is just a dream. Was she blonde , dark or tall,short ? Nothing . All I know about her was that she was so beautiful. When we were together, I was saying myself continously oh please this is not a dream , this is not a dream . After hanging out , she wanted to enter a store to buy something and told me to wait for her outside. When I was waiting for her , I kept saying myself again ' please this not a dream, this a not a dream' . Anyway , suddenly a man appeared with a big rifle at the entrance of the next store and he started to shoot everybody and me on the street . I jumped myself on the ground and started to pretend to be shot and died. But..He started to check everbody laying on the street whether they died or not. Finally he came near to me to check me. I started to say myself ' oh please this is a dream , this is a dream' and sudenly I woke up all in a sweat.




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