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バタバタ (羽の音) the flapping of wings

はっと taken aback

さっと quicky, suddenly = すばやく quickly

窓辺 (まどべ) by the window

海辺 (うみべ) beach, seashore

近辺 (きんぺん)neighbourhood

山辺 (やまべ) vicinity of a mountain

引き抜く (ひきぬく) to pull out

枝 (えだ) branch, twig

地面 {じめん) ground, earth's surface

~のおかげで thanks to, owing to

~のせいで because of somebody/something (fault)

すきをうかがう to watch for an unguarded moment

すっぽり entirely, completely = 完全に (かんぜんに)

吹き出す (ふきだす) to sprout

貼る (はる) to stick

飛び去る (とびさる) to fly away

傷口 (きずぐち) opening of a wound

皮 (かわ) skin, peel

扉 (とびら) door, gate

出迎え (でむかえ) meeting, reception

バンドエイド band aid



あっというま just like that, a blink of time

ふえを吹く (ふえをふく) to blow a whistle

稲光 (いなびかり) flash of lightning

生き返る (いきかえる) to be restored to life

祝う (いわう) to celebrate

歓声 (かんせい) cheer, shout of joy

例文 (れいぶん) model sentence

吹雪 (ふぶき) snow storm, blizzard

祝福 (しゅくふく) blessing

狩に行く (かりにいく) to go hunting

絶える (たえる) to cease, to be stopped / to die out

首を垂れる (くびをたれる)to hang one's head

せみ cicada

。。。を食べずにすみました didn't have to eat

。。。を書かずにすみました didn't have to write

。。。待たずにすみました didn't have to wait

NAI FORM+ ずにすむ when describing something you faced which troubled you, but in the end you didn't have to do it

待ち構える (まちかまえる)to lie in wait, to be on the watch for

鋭い (するどい) sharp

途端 (とたん) just as...

さっと - quickly

つかむ - to seize, to grasp

舞い上がる (まいあがる) to soar, to fly high

グルグル turning round and round, going round in circles

照らす (てらす) to shine, to illuminate

谷底 (たにそこ) bottom of a valley

眠気 (ねむけ) sleepiness, drowziness

襲う (おそう) to attack

眠り込む (ねむりこむ) to fall asleep, to sleep deeply




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