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I keep on reading and writing

I cannot fall asleep thats why I just write this notebook entry.

Just one week ago on monday evening I finished reading the whole Bible for the first time in my life. I read it from the first sites of Genesis to the very end in the new testament. It took me over 10 months to read it but I never regret one second of the time I used for this great book.

Just today I finished a small book about one of the greatest germans of all time: Martin Luther. It is a collection of the letters he wrote during his time of being 300 days hidden in the Wartburg castle where he also translated the Bible for the very first time in human history. It was not hard to read so I just had read it through this sunday.

Now the Quran is the next book I will read. I really can't await of reading it although I do not know if it can also impress me as much as the Bible because I heard it is a book full with laws and what to do instead of having exciting tales about Israel and the prophet Mohammed himself. I also do not think I need as long as the Bible to read it due to the fact it has around 1.000 sites less than the Bible and the text is not as small printed as in the Bible I have.

I hope after that I do not only understand Judaism and Christianity but also Islam so I know everything about the three greatest religions on earth who all belong to the same one. It sounds strange but reading those books makes even much more fun than playing computer games.

What also makes fun for me is to write about what I have read. I just started yesterday to write a Word document of my Bible interpretations. For example that there is no proof in the new testament that pork meat is allowed for the christians. Would be strange anyway. Mose forbid it, 1.300 years later Jesus allows it and 500 years after him Mohammed forbids it again. Also I write about of keeping all the laws of Mose because even Jesus commanded to do so. I wonder what the Quran is saying about the burn sacrifices.

When I finished this document I even plan it to send it to christian communities to show them my view of all of this. Maybe they want to discuss it with me and I can bring my thoughts into it who knows. I really have some things to argue with them due to the fact I think they move the wrong way.

I just cannot stop to write something it is like a drug to me. I hope one day somebody will find me and my from God given ability to write and give me a job where I can write every day and use all my passion for it.




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