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Arab men using the term "dear".

This is just some respectful advice for Arab men. A lot of Arab men refer to me as "dear" when I speak to them. I have talked to some people about this, and this is apparently very common among some Arab cultures.

However, to us men in the west, being called "dear" by another man is strange to us. Many western men who often talk to Arab men are accustomed to this, but there are some cultural differences with this word that you should know.

In the west, "dear" is a term that is usually reserved for any of the following situations:

1. Between Husband and Wife
2. Between Boyfriend and Girlfriend
3. From Parents to children
4. From a man to a woman

This is not normally used between two men. The word is somewhat feminine to us, and we don't normally ever call each other this.

I only offer this advice respectfully, and to help with cultural differences; not to be critical.

If the man you are speaking to is a westerner, it is much better to refer to him as "friend" than "dear".
"Brother" is also acceptable, but I think "friend" is best.

It is more acceptable and common to call a western woman dear though.




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