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Travelling Plz correct my article!! THX^^


Hello everyone,

My English name is Matthew. I like travelling. I hope I can travel around the world in the future.
I traveled to Tokyo last year. I was satisfied and pleased. I like Tokyo, especially, Tokyo Tower. It is because I could view the all scenery of Tokyo. I could see a lot of great and special buildings from the tower. The tower is spectacular. I hope I can be there again.

On the other hand, I want to travel to Europe, especially, Paris and Amsterdam. It is because I want to visit to Eiffel Tower. I am excited every time when I think about it. I am attracted by the huge tower. I know that it would be gold during nighttime. It seems powerful and colorful, so I like it very much.

I also want to travel to Amsterdam, because the city is attractive. People in the city can go everywhere by boat. I feel that I will be an adventureful and fantastic city if I live there. So I like it very much.

Finally, I hope I can travel to the both cities in the future. Then, I can broaden my international horizons and get more experience in travelling.



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