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Chinese breskfast food

Do you know what kind of chinese food? Dumpling or mooncake? These are just a small part of the whole. I will recommend you some chinese breakfast food below.

In fact, people in different region, usually eat different kinds of breakfast food. In north like HeiLongjiang province, local prefer to eat youtiao (deep-fried dough stick) with soya-bean milk as breakfast.It is common seen that some white-collars or students hold youtiao and a cup of soya-bean milk crossing road or taking public bus just bought in stall.Again,Youtiao is fried food which is crispy outside and soft inside and the salty sweet is really sweetness. As for soya-bean milk it is healthy organic milk rich in protein and helpful to women facial. In terms of the way to eat, i prefer to cut the youtiao into small pieces then soaked in soya-bean milk, in this way the fragrance of it may into youtiao which is much more delicious.

In central region of China, there is a famous delicacy called jianbingguozi(a piece of chinese hamburger steming from Tianjin city), whose name include two parts— jianbing means pancake and guozi means its inclusion Youtiao. That is to say it cooks by rolling Youtiao with pancake then adding some bean sauce , chilli sauce and chopped green onion. It sounds really easy to cook, but the duration and degree of cooking or the raw materials can influence its taste, thus the cook is important. If you want to taste authentic Jianbingguozi, welcome come to China.

Another famous breafast food in central part of china are noodles, expecially bean sauce noodles(in Beijing), sliced noodles(in Shanxi province),stretched noodles(in lanzhou city),biangbiang noodles(in Shaanxi province). By the way, it had to be mentioned Shanxi reffering to cooked wheaten food. In shanxi province, there are thounsands of cooked wheaten food. What's more local have made the process of cooking as an acrobatic performance, like ridding bicycle and slice noodles at same time .Therefore visitors can enjoy the delicacis as well as entertainment.

There is a saying in China noodles in north and rice stick in south. Next I will recommend you southern rice stick,in south of China people like eat boiled rice noodles,guilin rice noodles(stirred rice noodles stemming from guilin city)as well as steamed vermicelli roll. These three are my favors,expecially the steamed vermicelli roll which can be rolled with vegetables, beef , bacon etc,according your taste.

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