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My opinion for the education of Japan.

I think Japanese should realize that the education system the government made is weird. When students enter universities and colleges, they have to take the Center Exam which includes Japanese, English, Mathematics, chemistry, physics, sociology, and history and it is scheduled just only once a year. If they cannot get a good score, they have to wait for the next year. Often, the one-shot exam makes them crazy. On the other hand, as taking a look at American education system, when students enter universities, they need good G.P.A and SAT score. The SAT is offered seven times a year in the United States and it includes Critical Reading, mathematics and writing. I think Japanese education system should follow its American because critical reading and writing are related with how much students have abilities, talents and skills. In addition, it is offered seven times a year, so students do not need feel less nervous than taking one-shot exam. I think tests are not tools how students hold themselves physically strong but they should be how students are challenging in their life.

Educational institutors should rethink about how students can study more efficiently and how spare the part of week schedule for art subjects. Some schools nowadays let students study until very late night and after that they let go to another tutoring school to study more. my friend talked about his experiences in high school in Korea "to prepare the test, I continued going the crammer and had tutors after school even though the high school I went didn’t allow their students left school until 10PM. For the reason, I used to go back home at 2AM to go to the crammer and obey rules of school." Students have to follow the rules that stay in classrooms to study even if they would not and would do something else. forcing is not efficient at all because some think about how to kill the boring time and that would exploit their talents they might have because they do not have time to spend for their hobbies. In Japanese education system, teachers rarely care about art major such as music, drawing and acting. Those subjects are often missed its importance and even students cannot have opportunities to learn that very much. I think educational institutors should provide students with more opportunities for arts and they should let students chose ways where they will go ahead in their future. Students will be more active persons and have confidence in themselves.




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