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O(∩_∩)O~ I have been here thinking for a long time to decide which topic I'm going to write about . During this time , my 9-year-old cousin came to me with an english book in his hand to ask me to teach him how to read . He was obviously motivated by my english talks on skype . I told him that if he kept learning english so carelessly then he couldn't communicate with people around the world . I corrected some of his pronounciations and he learned with great passion ! I am very happy to see his progress and his cute determination to speak each word correctly !
I have been teaching some students chinese lately . Sometimes it is very difficult to think of a way to explain the pronouciation by thinking of my own tongue positions . When I learn to read chinese , I never think of the tongue positions and the air in my mouth . Should I push the air out or not ? Where shuld I put my tongue ? Up ? down ? or level ? That were the questions I never thought of ! However , when I learn english , I have to watch vedios to see their mouth shape to learn to speak as better as possible .
I am very grateful to those who gave me the opportunity to teach . Though I got the madarin cetificate , I have been cautious to teach owing to my chemistry major . I am managing to do better and better , fighting !!




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