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My Hundredth Answer!!!

A while ago I noticed that I gave the 100th answer to questions asked on an achievement!
Now, someone book a restaurant 'cause I am going to throw a party and it will be financially completely supported by the generous and kind and would-love-to-pay-the-writer-of-this-entry people who are reading this right now...;p

Anyway, italki helps to understand and express how much you know about your own and other languages and how you can help others learn new languages. Here everyone somehow becomes a teacher once in a while!

I am not writing this because I am an italki moderator or something, or I will be paid for writing this, no, BUT I would gladly receive some 'something(s)' if I were asked for B-/

Have a great day everyone...(don't forget the 'financial support' thingy...I am serious!)




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