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That's sad. - 2013 03 17

There has been a man playing violin in the underpass, he seemed to be very dedicated, even if few people would like to give him money. I didnt think he was poor, at least he could enjoy his music.

But I felt sad when I read the news: in Shenzhen, a female cleaner was found crouch in subway, even if there were plenty of vacant seats. Since the boss of cleaners told them:"You cannot take a seat, otherwise you will be fined.". It was a pity I couldn't find more information about the reason.

Maybe the boss worried those cleaners would stain seats? How "considerate" he is! (Sorry I really want to use a rude word.)

Where is the respect to cleaners? They work hard to keep the city clean, they get the lowest salary. When they get off work, when they feel tired, shouldn't we give them a warm smile? Shouldn't they at least have a seat?

They are equal as any other citizens, they are also moms, wives in their families. Why do some people look down upon them?

It reminded me about another news with a picture: a man worked in the construction site, when he got back from work, his clothes was dusty. He didn't want to stain the seat, he just crouch in metro. I felt really touched after seeing the picture. He was a real gentleman. He consider for others first.

Lots of countryfolks work in cities to make a living. Some "sophisticated" city people complained that countryfolks shouldn't come to cities since they make cities more crowded, and they are "dirty". This sounds stupid. Will those "sophisticated" and "learned" city people clean the streets by themselves? Will they build skyscrapers with their tender hands? People make living in different ways, as long as it is legal, it is honourable. It is not their fault to be poor and have to live far from hometown and "break into" the cities. They have families to raise.

If people live in cities cannot be tolerant, they will become poorest people. There is a big lack of morality, which cannot be bought by money.




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