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Short Story - Run Race

This story started when Erick, a four-year-old boy, and his friends were playing in the area of a playground. In the playground, there are many kids playing with their toys, roundabout etc. Erick who came with his mother came closer to Steve, a five-year-old-boy, who was playing soccer with his friends. Erick wanted to join the playing but Steve did not want to. So, he thought how to make him played with them. Erick got an idea. He offered to play run race. Steve and his friends agreed. First they should run to the roundabout which about 100 meters in distance and turned back to the start line. The winner would choose what kinds of playing they would do.

Emma, Erick’s friend, became the referee and started counting on three. Erick, Steve and their friend took on position and ready to start running. Then, there they went. Erick started running as fast as he could and so did Steve. In the middle of route, Erick was left behind Steve and his friends. He could not run after them. When Erick saw Steve and other friends came to the roundabout and about to turned back, Erick was in the half way. He could not be a winner. But, Erick is a kid and he could not give up early. So, while Steve and his friends started turning back, Erick also made a turn back. Finally, Erick won because of his naughty-brilliant idea and then they continued playing soccer again. Some parents who saw their ‘small competition’ smiled because of Erick’s tricky idea.

Well, they are just the kids. It naturally happens to all of kids especially when they cannot get what they want to get to.




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