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NIMM DAS! (Take that! LOL)

I got an email from one of my friends, and she knows how obsessed I am with learning German so she sent a few pictures and put an interesting subject line for it.

"Nehmen Sie diese und glücklich sein."

I assume it means 'take these and be happy' (she sent random funny stuff off the internet lol) but I was wondering if this would be similar:

"Nimmst du diese und glücklich sein."

Just for the distinction between formal and informal, you know?

Das weiß ich nicht~~~ \(^0^)/




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    "Nehmen Sie diese/das/dies und seien Sie glücklich sein." (Formal)

    "Nimmst du diese/das/dies und sei glücklich sein." (Informal)


    "Nimm das" - "Take that"

    "Nimm dies" - "Take this"

    "Nimm diese" - "Take those"

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