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A better way to learn Chinese? inspiration from BBC articles

no chinese speakers ever asked me about Chinese character writing
most of them feel chinese character is not only hard to write but also to read
it is the fact unless you get familiar with the fundamental rules of character combination
generally , all characters are composed with several smaller characters
those small characters can be regarded as single words with specific meaning as well
if you can learn those radicals first, then you will apt to learn more words
because most words are made by combination of several characters

that is the similar rules like English prefixs or derivatives
com means together , in means reverse
i am trying to say is they have similar rules in words combination

let us take few Chinese characters as example 口、子、心

it looks not so complex , right ?
口mearns mouth
if you find a word with 口
you may guess that word is highly linked to mouth

吃 is combined with 口and 乞
口 means mouth , 乞 means beggar
you may link these 2 charcters eaily into eating 吃
Right? i told you it is not difficult to recgnize

孫is combined with 子and 系
子 means offspring, posterity 系means pedigree ,clan
so 孫 means grandson , grandchildren

once you handle more roots of Chinese character - refer to radical 部首 in chinese
you can maximize your memory capacity of chinese characters
you can learn more words even sooner than ever you can imagine

we had been trained in this way to keep more Chinese characters in mind when we were in elementary school
it can save your brain and sweating more if your memory is not so sharp

happy to learn chinese and its unique culture
have you a nice day

if you have any problems in Chinese
you can click me, i am glad to share with you my experience in Chinese learning and teaching

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