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A Popular Beverage in Asia

Yuan-yang milk tea is one of the most famous beverage in Asia, but people in Hong Kong excepted, there is not almost any foreigner could explain what is it exactly. In fact the making way of Yuan-yang is not as hard as foreigner's imagination. The process of making Yuan-yang is quite easy. First, prepare some milk tea, if you purchase the true Hong Kong-style, you can prepare Silk Stocking milk tea instead of general milk tea. Next, make some coffee, and its concentration must be the same with milk tea. The last step is mixing all ingredients in a cup together, be careful to coffee ratio must be 7:3. After that, a cup of the most famous beverage is done by you. You can according to your likes to add sugar or more milk for making it tastes more wonderful. Yuan-yang milk tea is not only a kind of traditional and local beverage in Hong Kong, but a symbol of Hong Kong's culture. It is also a representative of the fusion of Chinese and foreign cultures.

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