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famous street in our city

The famous street in our city is Lawrence road.this road includes many shops .all types of product are available on these shops.on this road,there is nehru shopping offers the various facilities like entertainment,shopping and leisure.the most renouned college of girls situated on this road.There are a huge series of women clothing shops.Lots of people go their for shopping.A wide range of the women clothes are available on these shops.there are lots of Resturants on lawrence road .Various types of foods are available itallian, chinese, punjabi etc.The puri of Kanha shop is very famous and Bansal sweet shop is the top sweet shop in whole city.Sweets are prepare from pure desi ghee.There is lot of hustle and bustle on this road.on every occasion many stalls are displayed on street which incluses eating stalls and mehndi stalls.On new year eve the full road is crowded with the people.They dance on the street and enjoy alot there.Apart from this there are certain banks ,Sallons and Gym in this road.At last i sum up with in lawrence road ,every facilty is provided that's why it is the famous street of our city.




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