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Two months left


I have two months left until the date of my certification exam. I'm so nervous, time goes by so fast!
School has kept me busy, so I haven't had enough time to practice English. Recently, I've been trying to think in English, which is something that my teachers used to recommend me. Whenever I can, I say some phrases to my friends or I write down sentences, or I come here to write an entry. I just don't want to get out of practice.

Grammarly dot com seems to be a great website to learn English. On their facebook page, they are always uploading pictures about grammar stuff. I wish I could manage a website like that, I love teaching English, and I'm happy when I'm explaining something and the person tells me: Oh, now I get it! Thanks. Being a teacher must be so self-rewarding. I definitely want to be an ESL in a near future.

On another subject, do you remember the book I told you about on my last entry? Well, I have finished it! And I could read it over and over again, it is fascinating. I really loved the way that Paulo Coehlo kept me trapped in the story. The next book I'm going to read is: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I have that one in Spanish, so this time I won't practice my reading ability, but it's ok, I had enough practice with Eleven Minutes, and I still have another book called Norwegian Woods (I don't remember the author, but he's Japanese).

Anyway, I hope you have all an excellent night/day :)!!

PS: Down below there's a picture from Grammarly dot com. I really loved that one!!




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