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Arabic Lessons / Lesson 1


These are lessons for anyone wants to learn conversational Arabic, especially with the Egyptian accent.

Meeting someone:

When a girl meets a guy -Notice when a girl speaks to a guy is different than a guy speaks to a girl.

A girl: Hi, ezayak? = hi how are you?
A guy: Ana tamam elhamdolah = I am good thank god

A girl: 3amel eh? = how are you? -another sentence-
A guy: Ana kewayes elhamdolah = I am good thank god

A girl: eh 3amlt eh enahrda? = What did you do today?
A guy: aho kan yoom addy = It was normal day

A girl: ehkeely eh el gedeed? = Tell me, what is new?
A guy: mafeesh kolo zay mahowa = nothing everything is the same

A girl: nawy teeml eh enahrda? = What are you planning to do today?
mafeesh, methyaaly momken anzel maa sohaby = Nothing I think I may go out with my friend

A girl: edah kewayes awy = this is very good

PS: the guy seems to be boring :D

Wait for other lessons and let me know if you need to know any word in Arabic :D




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