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You know, not everyone can enjoy a sweet sleep which has no bad dream and not is disturbed just as he or she wants. Have you a nice sleep every day ? do u sleep today just for the adventure but happy tomorrow?
Actually ,still to be awake ,still to be pressure,
Body no longer just belong to youself after your come to the world .it may be taken up by your family your company your friends and so on,
Why not love yourself by a high quality of is also a sence of duty to your close persons who care you and love you.
if you cant not take the power of politic ,the ecnomic ,the magica culture. that is ok and don't lose your heart,at least you still have your faithful sleep which takes up the one third of your life will against you ,porotect you forever.

Kindly reminder:The best time of sleeping----11:00-13:00. 23:00-01:00 。 the sleep during the time is called " zǐ wǔ jiào" ,it is good for your if you cant not have a good sleep at midnight , then you can sleep at the noon to save and improve your poor sleep. haha.




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