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당근으지!!!!! 형설지공!!! azza azza 화이팅!! ^^

안녕하새요! 저는 라츤 입니다! 저는 여자이다.

Yeah well that's my Korean for you. I know some words, I can kind of understand what people are talking about when they're talking Korean, I would probably understand or kind of get what you're saying if you speak Korean to me, but not on a high level. I want to learn Korean. I really do. So I'm going to use this notebook as a.. well.. notebook.. and write all my notes down here. Good luck to me? 화이팅!!!!!!




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    당근으지 당근이지!!!!! 형설지공!!! azza azza 화이팅!! ^^

    안녕하새요! 안녕하세요! 저는 라츤 입니다! 저는 여자이다. 여자입니다.



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