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Always Learning / 时刻学

我今天买新照相机。 这个周末以前拍了张照片。 它们看很好。 我现在喜欢学拍了更好张照片。





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    Always Learning / 时刻学

    我今天买新照相机。 这个周末以前拍了张照片。 它们很好看。 我现在喜欢拍照片,我拍了很多张照片。


    Always Learning / 时刻学

    我今天买新照相机。(之前买,现在就在自己手里,是完成时,所以要加“了”。The camera have bought,and you own it now, that is present perfect tense,so add 了 after verb.) 

    这个周末前拍了许多张照片。 它们很好(在...之前/在...前,固定搭配。“在...之前/在...前” is set collocation。“许多”和后面的“它们”是对应关系。“许多”means many,“它们” means they which must be animals,plants or other having not life things。...们,means  plural. In there,好看 is same as beautiful,so that sentence ought to express into 它们很好看.)

    我现在喜欢学拍了更好张照片。我现在喜欢学拍照,因为会使我拍出更好的照片来。  (Now I like to take photos,since it makes me take more good photos.)

    这个是我的喜爱照片的周末。What you want to expess is that "That is my good weekends for taking photos" I guess.But written in Chinese is that "这就是我拍照片的周末"/“这就是我喜爱的周末生活,我用来拍照片。”

    Come on,your Chinese level will be much more better.

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