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Why is it hard to hear tones with the taiwanese dialect?




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    Hi there! I don't get your ' 漢語拼音鈴聲 ' part. I understand each character but all together it does not make any sense.

    漢語拼音 or 拼音 (pinyin) is a 'phonetic system' used by Chinese people and basically used for simplified Chinese characters. e.g. in pinyin phonetic system you type zhe4 for simplified character 这 'this'.

    Taiwanese people, instead, use another 'phonetic system' called 注音 (zhuyin, aka bopomofo) which is basically for traditional Chinese characters--though, myself, I use both pinyin and zhuyin. e.g. in zhuyin phonetic system you type ㄓㄜˋ for traditional character 這 'this'.

    Then, your ' 鈴聲 ' part, which means 'ring' that you download from somewhere to install in your cellphone. When somebody calls you, then you will hear the ring.

    Then your 'tones' in English part. 'tones' are something for a tonal language. Mandarin Chinese Language has 5 tones. Taiwanese Hokkien Language has 8 tones (though, among all currently living Taiwanese dialects, it's claimed to have 7 tones at most). The 'tone' is written as 聲調 (traditional) / 声调 (simplified).

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