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Just enjoy it

很多时候我会对某些事物陷入沉思,会不自然的想象到这些事自己为什么要做,做的怎么样等一些列问题,这样做的后果有时会让自己变得纠结,变得矛盾,变得优柔寡断;就现在的自己而言,时不时的停下来总结是很必要的,但是把自己的处境搞的比较矛盾就得不偿失了,所以我决定对于某些事物换一个态度来处理,可以尝试去做自己能做的每一件事,但是不去刻意记住得失,没有了得失,自然也就没有了纠结,没有了纠结,也就变得享受自己做的一切,或许这样没心没肺的会让自己的生活更加的快乐,因为即便是这样,我相信走过的路是一定会流向印迹的,我们应该不时地回头看看,但是当我在途中的时候应该的是尽情的去感受,享受此时此刻拥有的一切,不管好与坏,不管得与失,不管对与错,JUST ENJOY IT。

I often felt into deeply thought with something,and I always imagine that why I had did those things like that ,how I did those things ,and what I did always made me become headlock ,contradiction and indecision;To myself,it's necessary to have a rest and sum up,but it's not worth to make yourself in trouble, so I decide change my attitude to something,I will try to do everything which I can do ,but at the same time I don't care gain and lose sedulously ,there's no headlock without gain and lose,without headlock ,it's become to enjoy what you had done,maybe it make me more happy in that way,because even like that ,I believe every step will be marked ,we should often look back,but we should just enjoy it when we on the way ,enjoy what you have ,no matter it's good or bad ,no matter it's gain or lose,no matter it's right or wrong ,JUST ENJOY IT.




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