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Have you had this kind of feeling?

People like to buy stuff to go to the supermarket. One the one hand, it is very convenient to buy most kinds of categories, on the other hand, it is relatively cheap.

To be honest, many of them are cheaper, and probably same stuff is with different price in differnt supermarket. Assuming we plan to buy a shampoo and some snacks. But when we get there, a lot things are off sale, quite cheap. It is likely to buy something cheap never using them.

So when we go the the casher, we didn't realized we have already bought lots of stuff even though each of them are not expensive.

Speaking of buy other stuff, such as shoes or clothes. As for the men, it is simple to buy them, not so kinds of style. If I like it, I will buy it, but not a lot at a time. I prefer to buy a high quality one instead of a cheap one.

So did you have this kind of feeling?




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