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An interesting natural phenomenon--- Mimicry

If you instantly heard a buzzing sound around you, what will you think of first? A stinging insect?
We often associate this kind of sound with a honeybee, a bumblebee, a wasp or any other stingting insects , don't we?
However, sometimes this sound may just comes from a harmless insect. Because mimicry is very common in nature, especially among the insects. In this case, the stinging or biting insects are called "model", while the ones that only appear to be the "model"are called" mimic". As a matter of fact, mimic doesn't have stinger and can not attack us with it. But interestingly, they can perfectly imitate the stinging ones to beat their wings in same way, at exactly same rates in order to make exactly same noise, which is considered to be a warning signal to prevent us from aprroaching too closely. And it works! Since we all know what will happen once being stinged, itching, painful, occasionally even fatal in some rainforsets. How clever these creations are! How amazing the nature is!
So do you want to run a risk to try it out next time. I won't, ever!

Thank you for reviewing my composition in advanced!
It will be very helpful if you can correct any grammar mistake I made. Or if you have better expression for a certain sentence, please let me know as well.




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