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Still worrying......

Last time, I wrote about my anxiety about my future ; studying abroad or dancing, but I still cannot make my decision. I know that I should go abroad beause I have wanted to study abroad for many years, and now I can afford with earning money and having time to study abroad. Sudying abroad will make me much meaning and give me a good chance to think about identities, one's values and so on.... I deeply understand how much studying abroad bring me a lot of good influences, and I want to so much. However, now dancing is part of my life, and my life would suck without it. If I can dance alone, it'll be much easier problem, but the ballroom dance is a dance that men and women have to cooperate each other and one cannot dance alone.

In this summer, I have to decide whether taking the exam for studying abroad or makinng couple with someone for dancing. I will not decide because both of them are so precious experiences for me and they are the things that we can do only now, when we are collge students.....

Give me your opinion, please!



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