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I think international mass tourism should be lowered

If people ask me what I would like to do I often answer I would like to travel to many parts especially in Asia. But I always add that I never will go there where all the other tourists are. I want to see places where no or just a very few tourists are.

In my hometown Berlin tourists are already scum in the eyes of many Berlin citizen. They think they can do what they want and they just come here to drink cheap alcohol. They are loud, they stink and they always come from countries which have so big economical problems that I wonder if these countries are lying to us. For example Spain and eastern Europe cannot be that poor if so many tourists are from these countries.

But the tourists of my country are not a bit better of course. Especially the ones flying to Mallorca. Isn't this island already a german one? Drunk and stinking german tourists everywhere.

A big problem is that the tourists only bring money into the country for the economy and so only for the politicians but not for the normal people. They have to be annoyed by all these drunk people walking around even in the morning. It is disgusting when you see these people having "fun" all the time why you have to work for so low money you do not even know how to survive.

I saw a big problem especially for some southern european countries. As I was with my parents in the Toscana of Italy 2002 it was very hard to find a free beach. We found one but I guess even that is today claimed by hotels as well. Even if you would like to pay you are not allowed to enter as long as your not a guest of the hotel or member of the club. Some years later I have read that the normal italian people cannot go bathing anymore because every centimetre of the beach is claimed by hotels and clubs. But it is the beach of Italy and it's people and not of some rich foreigners!

Also the chinese wall suffers under mass tourism as I have read. China should try to only let a stable number of tourists enter the wall each day to make sure that this great monumental wonder will not be destroyed.

I also read that the big economical problems in Spain occured due to the fact they build too many hotels to support mass tourism and all their plans fade away in 2008 as the big economical crisis has started.

The countries should not give a tourist visa to everyone I think. They should set a maximum number of tourists per year instead of letting anyone in who's paying for the visa and the flight to make sure everything stays safe.




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