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Everyone knows that learning a new language is very difficult, and there will be ups and downs when writing/speaking/listening to a new language. Some people in fact, say that it is impossible to learn a language without professional help and lessons. However I disagree with this statement. I have been learning Korean for almost a year and a half now, and for a long period of this time, I had self-taught myself a few basic grammar points and how to speak,read and write the Korean alphabet through the wonderful 'modern' world, that is the world wide internet.
Learning a language by yourself takes confidence, patience, time and a lot of passion. If you believe you can learn a language you are able to study hard and become successful. If you are pessimistic about learning a language, then you will struggle. Italki has helped me in leaps and bounds to learn everyday phrases and not fixed 'awkward' phrases which you can sometimes find in textbooks or through some websites. I would like to thank everyone who has helped me become more confident in speaking this new language and showing me some amazing culture.
It is important to practice your new language a few times a day, and be confident in yourself. Some useful advice that has helped me on my language journey, is to write every new thing down, and you can look up on it straight away. Get to talk to some native speakers and learn about the culture. ^^ If anyone is thinking about studying a new language, I would say 'go for it!' and have fun whilst learning. I believe this is the key to becoming successful!
Good luck Everyone!♥ (':




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