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The belfry in the Saint Sergiy Lavra, Russia

OOOO, here is SO MANY MISTAKES! but i can't understand it((((

My previous story was about eldest building in the Lavra and now i want to tell about the highest one.
At the begining of the XVII century Tzar Peter the Great forbade the construcion frome stone in Russia to collect all resources to creation the new capital - Saint Petersburg.
The desicion of belfry's construction was taken after lifting the ban. The architecture project had been approved in 1740, but the construction began in 1741 because of architecture's arguing about place.
The construction was carried out very slowly for building could became stronger. two years later only two layers was ready and architector was changed.
The new architector - Uhtomskiy - very changed the project, the belfry should became higher and more decorated in barocco fashion of that period.
The belfry was ready in 1770, in thirty years after beginning. It's hight was 88 meters and it was the highest belfry in Russian in that time.
But how could exists belfry without bells? So to creation it the manufactor was found in nearest. The most famous Russian artisans worked there- father and son Michurin, who had made a famous Tzar-bell which could be seen in Moscow Kremlin.
The biggest bell for belfry, who named was Tzar too, was been casted 4 years. It's weight was 66,5 tonns and its ringing could been heard even in Mytischy - it's a small town in 50 kilometers souther.
The belfry had more than 40 bells altogether and it's ringing was considered the best in Russia. Three bells was been connected with clock.
The biggest part of bells was destroyed in 1930. They had been thrown from belfry and had been remelted, 17 one's was survived only.
The big bells sounded again just 10 years ago. And in 2005 the new Tzar-bell was been casted and wad been picked up. It's even bigger then ancient one's, it's weight is 72 tonns.
But the belfry has only 23 bells nowtime, it's almost twice less before revolution.




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